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2008-03-18 14:35 

  The more you learn, the more you know, The more you know, the more you forget. The more you forget, the less you know. So why bother to learn?

  ·Your future depends on your dreams. So go to sleep.

  ·Behind every successful man, there is a woman. And behind every unsuccessful man, there are two.

  ·There should be a better way to start a day than waking up every morning.

  ·Every man should marry. After all, happiness is not the only thing in life.

  ·Money is not everything. Theres Mastercard & Visa.

  ·Love is like film. It needs darkness to develop.

  ·A dress is like a barbed fence. It protects the premises without restricting the view.

  ·Children in backseats cause accidents. Accidents in backseats cause children.

  ·The wise never marry, And when they marry they become otherwise.

  ·God made relatives; Thank God we can choose our friends.

  ·Hard work never killed anybody. But why take the risk?

  ·Never put off until tomorrow what you can put off today.

  ·Save water. Shower with your girlfriend.

  ·Success is a relative term. It brings so many relatives.

  ·One should love animals. They are so tasty.

  ·Love thy neighbor. But dont get caught.

  ·Work fascinates me. I can look at it for hours!

  ·When twos company, threes the result!·May fortunes find their way to you! Take good care of yourself in the year ahead. Wishing you successes, longevity and


  ·Best wishes for the year to come! Good luck in the year ahead! May you come into a good fortune! Live long and proper!

  ·Good luck, good health, hood cheer. I wish you a happy Spring Festival. May the seasons joy fill you all the year round.

  ·I would like to wish you a joyous new year and express my hope for your happiness and good future.

  ·May everything beautiful and best be condensed into this card. I sincerely wish you happiness, cheerfulness and success.

  ·With best wishes for a happy New Year! 祝新年快乐,并致以良好的祝福。

  ·On the arrival of the Spring Festival, extend you all my best wishes for your perfect health and lasting prosperity.

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